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Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Luxurious

Lucy Parker 30 Nov, 2017

We are sharing our best tips to make your home feel more luxurious. These simple and easy steps don’t have to blow the budget and with a few changes here and there, you can transform your interior into a beautiful environment with rich tones and textures to help make your home feel more glamorous.



Whether you have wooden, tile or carpeted floors, it is best to start from the ground up. By adding rugs you can create zoned areas which is great to not only see the difference but to feel it under your toes.

edwalton interior textiles

By adding throws to chairs, sofas and futons is a great way to make a room feel warmer, and introducing new textures.  By carefully choosing complimentary colours and tones you can add two or three different textures which instantly gives a feeling of richness to a space. 

layer textiles luxury


Windows are a great area to be confident in dressing with textiles, we suggest adding two or three different colours or materials that get lighter / transparent to still allow plenty of light into the room.



jewel tone colours


Jewel tones of deep emerald, turquoise and mauve purples have been the on trend colours this season which give a luxurious feel. The colour palette fits beautifully with textiles due to the trend focusing on velvets and satins especially on upholstered furniture such as armchairs and dining chairs.



By investing in beautiful lighting for your home it can give your home a feel of luxury with intricate chandeliers to rich metal tones. Whether you’re interested in a tarnished base lamp or a showstopper crystal centerpiece it can be a way to add opulence to a room. Our favourite light that adds instant glamour is the crystal single drop chandelier from The Libra Company.

eichholtz chandelier



Layering is such a simple trick that works every time. Don’t be afraid to be bold with colours and the choice of materials. Something we see in interior magazines and on set styling is choosing three of four textiles that compliment each other usually with subtle hints of colours or metallic prints to exaggerate a colour scheme or a piece of furniture.

It needn’t be an expensive trick as there are beautiful throws, cushions and curtains available. Our top tip is to go bespoke and add embroidery or beading to your existing textiles.

interior layers material




The key is to pick a few accessories and strategically place them. Odd numbers always look more aesthetically pleasing as well as different levels of height. Don’t be tempted to buy too many accessories because there can be a fine line between decorating and cluttering.

interior design accessories

Our tip is to use items such as coffee table books, flowers and candles to keep a clean look but add a touch of elegance. Similar colours will always compliment each other and reflective surfaces such as tarnished metals will catch the light in your room.

the libra company table



Artwork is a great opportunity to be eclectic and imaginative. Finding fun and interesting pieces that you will love to look at each day is more important than finding something that simply fits with your colour scheme.

bespoke artwork

Elle Decor

Don’t be afraid to be bold and choose artwork that might seem a bit out of place, or a little quirky, it is after all about personal taste and you have to be happy with seeing it every day.

gold artwork


Whether it is a painting, a photograph or sculptural, the trick is to beautifully display it. Choosing gilded frames or mirrored tables to display your art will give it a more luxurious feel, also allowing you to tie it in with your colour scheme.


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