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Beautiful Playroom and Nursery Ideas – Fit For the Royal Baby!

Lucy Parker 25 Apr, 2018

In celebration of Kate & Will’s arrival of their new baby, we are sharing the most beautiful children’s playrooms and nurseries fit for a royal.


Whether you’re royalty or not, these rooms are a beautiful inspiration and can be recreated to fit your budget.

We are sharing our favourite designs with a range of styles to fit your home depending on the age of your children making this room an amazing imagination emporium.

Sunshine and Vodka Etsy

nursery room royal baby

We are in love with this beautiful room set from the very talented creator on Etsy ‘Sunshine and Vodka’

Incorporating a handcrafted mobile design to your nursery adds a lovely personal touch – especially when you have a say in this colours and design.

Fantasy Fairyland by Boca Do Lobo

Playrooms are a great way for kids to explore their imaginations and live in fairytale-like-worlds. This fantastic design from Boca Do Lobo may is extravagant, however when put in situ of a children’s playroom is works perfectly.

nursery room design royal baby

Playful Party Hats by Amayadeeme

If you are aiming for something more minimalist, this beautiful collection of artwork from Amayadeeme is playful with the illustrative characters. They work in a range of style whether you are opting for a monochromatic scheme or pastel colours.

nursery room fit for royal baby

Peaceful Paper shared by The Pretty

Photographed by Claudia De Nobreca

A way of keeping costs low is to choose a feature wall using beautiful paper / print that will work as a backdrop to a crib / cot. That way, you can keep accessories to a minimum and keep a neutral palette across the baby’s furniture.

interior nursery room

Woodland Wonders with Incy Interiors

We love this woodland inspired interior using a mix of rustic furniture and contemporary art prints. The playful tigers head above the cot keeps this room age appropriate

nursery interior design

Murals Wallpaper

Choosing bright and colourful murals will spark your children’s imagination with the names of continents and seas.  With such a bright and colourful wall, it allows the rest of the room to have a more minimalist and subtle design.

childrens mural design nursery

Larger than life with this design from Hudson and Harlow via Instagram

Hudson & Harlow Instagram

We love the composition, accessories and fun toys throughout this design. The bed design is fantastic as it will last for years, only needing to change the bedding and accessories depending on the age of your children.

beautiful nursery design

A great way to make a den and fun space to sleep in – using colourful fabrics, you can cover the entire bed, then put a light projector inside and make a mini observatory style interior.


Congratulations again to Kate & Will with the arrival of the Royal baby. We are delighted with the rest of the nation and hope this post has inspired fellow parents to design a fun and playful interior that both you and your children can enjoy.