More than just a staircase.

Guy Phoenix 15 Nov, 2018

A staircase can be so much more than a method of getting from one level to another. It can be a piece of art or an element of engineering wizardry. This stair at our Fairmont property is a bit of both.

Due to its linear nature and clear risers the stair possesses a lightweight feel to look at. In truth it is anything but.  Steel sections are suspended from a rigid frame meaning the stair can hover just above the ground.  By cutting short some of the sections the ‘suspension’ effect is disguised creating a feel of weightlessness. A juxtaposition against the rigid heavy frame work.

It may interest you to know that Guy designed the stair on napkin on a train back from London!

Strip light LEDs provide a gentle wash of light across the treads

From different angles the LED lights present a sharp linear edge.

The best quality of carpet and underlay results in an enjoyable and silent descent/ascent.

The high gloss finish results in reflections of light and the shapes of the stair treads.

The LED strip lights are hidden in a purpose made recess. But offer a rewarding sight from below.

A moment of magic.

Every element of a Guy Phoenix home is designed with great care and attention. We strive to deliver exciting and imaginative properties at every opportunity whilst providing our clients with a property they truly love.


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